Welcome Back

Hey friends, its been a while. Between the pandemic, grad school (translated all of Beowulf last semester), having THREE kids to raise and educate, and Instagram rudely shutting down my main account, I have been absent without leave. Since Instagram has - rudely - continued to remain silent on whether I will every get my … Continue reading Welcome Back

Pi Day

It's practically obligatory on social media these days to post something about Pi day. Usually Pi. And since I'm no mathematician, you won't see any numerical ramblings here. Just pie. If you know anything from my Instagram the last couple days, you know the kids and I have been sick and that feeding them and … Continue reading Pi Day

Little Pizzas

Pizza. A nearly universal hit. Little Pizzas. A custom success each kid can make. This was a childhood classic that usually meant Mom and Dad were going on a date. I love to make it with leftover spaghetti sauce and whatever random bits of leftover meat is in the freezer. On rare occasions, I'll even … Continue reading Little Pizzas