Welcome. As you may have gathered from the title of this blog, I fed my kids. Today. Probably yesterday too. But all that really matters is that I fed them today.

When I had my first child nearly five years ago, a wise friend told me, “If you get to the end of the day and the kid is fed and safe, you are a success as a mother.” That got me through those blurry days and nights of nursing, baby blues, postpartum depression, starting solids and then the reruns with baby #2. It still gets me through a lot of days.

The internet is full of amazing sites, Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts, Facebook communities, multilevel marketing business and more on how to feed your child keto or vegan or whole food, or dairy free, or gluten free, or Earth mama, or home grown diets. Dietitians post serving sizes and meal ideas. Granola moms share their favorite photogenic, sugar free health foods for children. There are bento boxes, lunch ideas, fruit cut in cute shapes.

This site is none of those things. I’m not a good photographer. I don’t have the patience to make their meals cute. Prioritizing flawless servings of vegetables and fruit and cutting out all sugar is not my agenda. The kids reject and accept food according only to their own unknowable rules and I just want them to eat. I want to model good eating habits and make sure we aren’t gorging ourselves on junk, but I’m just a mom trying to feed my kids. This is what I offered them. Maybe they ate it and maybe not.

But guess what? Today I fed my kids. Mission accomplished.