About Mom

Hi! That’s me in the picture. I’m Mom, so that means I’m not in very many pictures, except some selfies.  Usually with kids.  Those kids are Fitz and the Bean.  They are heavily featured on this blog so they get their own page about them. When not going by Mom, there are still some people in this world who call me Sarah. Then there are my piano and voice students who avoid calling me anything.  I’m a stay-at-home-Mom, a private music teacher, an avid but not very talented home baker, an English literature nut, and a meal machine for my husband and these two small people we created. I like cooking but doing it constantly for all these people can burn out. I created this blog to track what I feed my kids, so that when my brain is dead, I remember what the options are, and have evidence that I did, in fact, feed them. But let’s be real – if I forgot to feed them, they’d let me know.  Loudly.