About Fitz

This is Fitz. He is six. He is going into first grade and very proud of that fact. Fitz was the easiest baby on the planet, no exaggeration. He slept through the night by 4 weeks old, didn’t have so much as a cold till he was one, never cried or fussed about anything except to let us know he was hungry, and ate nearly everything.

Now he’s, well, six. He eats one thing one week and the next week is done with it. Mac and cheese was the best food ever a month ago. This month it’s meh. Grilled cheese last week was anathema, today it’s ambrosia. One day he eats more than me, the next day he picks at all his meals and won’t eat anything.

Fitz is talkative, opinionated, extremely social, extroverted and joyful. He made me a Mom and is worth every minute.