Little Pizzas

Pizza. A nearly universal hit.

Little Pizzas. A custom success each kid can make.

This was a childhood classic that usually meant Mom and Dad were going on a date. I love to make it with leftover spaghetti sauce and whatever random bits of leftover meat is in the freezer. On rare occasions, I’ll even buy pepperoni especially for this meal. It’s very filling – a can of 8 biscuits turned into pizzas more than feeds our family (three for my husband, two for me and two for Fitz and The Bean to share) but I usually make extra for my husband to take for his work lunch the next day.

There’s really no recipe. It’s just a can of biscuits (or homemade dough if you’re feeling ambitious) and the toppings of your choice. My kids aren’t old enough to completely make their own, but Fitz loves putting toppings on himself. My mother would just line up the toppings and leave us to it for a low effort dinner. Then you just bake them at 375° for 17-20 minutes. Pizza for all!

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