Last night was my husband’s birthday, so we ate carnitas tacos with all the fixins. Today was Saturday, so nobody felt like doing anything productive. Enter the world’s easiest meal: leftovers! I baked up some canned biscuits (they’re great, don’t @ me), just to make the meal feel new. Then I microwaved some leftover pulled pork and frozen vegetables and we feasted.

Actually it did feel like a feast. My version of the “three food groups”: carbs, vegetables and protein, were all well represented. The kids ate it very well. Fitz cleaned his plate (isn’t it a cute plate?) and the Bean happily practiced his pincer grasp on stray peas, carrots and corn, little bits of pork, and shredded biscuit.

It wasn’t perfect. I accidentally handed Fitz’s apple juice to the Bean, who delightedly tipped the cup up to drink from, nearly drowning himself, and completely flooding the high chair tray. Oh well. Baths for everybody before nap time!

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